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CPR - 12th April 2019 by 4drdc-logins


  1. CPR
    (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)
    (Automated external defibrillator)

Here in Dartford we practice BLS (Basic Life Support) once a year, we feel that it is important and beneficial for everyone to have knowledge of CPR, as you never know when the need may arise. Today we had the opportunity to update and refresh our knowledge with the latest guidelines.


A fast response can mean a better recovery!

Importance of CPR?

  • Did you know that the brain can only survive approximately five to six minutes without oxygen (after the heart stops)!
  • However, if CPR is performed within the above time the brain may survive the lack of oxygen.

What can I do as a patient to minimise my risk of a medical emergency?

  • Providing your dentist/hygienist with honest information about your current health and health history is vital, as this will help them provide you with the best dental care possible, especially in an emergency.
  • Provide us with current medication on every dental visit.
    From over the counter medication to prescribed medication.
  • In the event of an emergency knowing what medications you are currently taking can be vital to your health when we are determining our next course of treatment or prescribing other medications.

We want to ensure you that our dental team, at Dartford Road Dental Centre, are up to date with the latest guidance and training, this means if a medical emergency occurs in the practice our patients will receive quick, effective treatment.

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