Crooked Teeth Solutions at Dartford Road Dental Centre

16th June 2023

Crooked teeth solutions at Dartford Road Dental Centre


Why you may be unhappy with your smile.


You like your smile, but you want to love it. Maybe you have a special event coming up soon? A big birthday or a wedding, or perhaps you just want the confidence to smile widely in photographs?

A common issue that we see at Dartford Road Dental Centre is unhappy patients with crooked teeth.


As well as knocking your self-esteem, crooked teeth can also be difficult to clean, food sometimes gets stuck after eating, and flossing in crowded areas can be a difficult and sometimes impossible task. Trapped food often leads dental health problems such as gum disease and tooth decay as bacteria can become trapped in difficult-to-reach areas.


Unfortunately, crooked teeth also wear quicker than straight teeth and can become damaged more easily.

Train Track Braces Vs Clear Aligners


When we were young, the majority of our school class would have had the traditional ‘train track braces’. These are still available as an effective way to straighten natural teeth for advanced complicated orthodontic cases. However, improvements in cosmetic dentistry as well as a wide range of dental treatments have given us a more subtle and discreet option to create that perfectly straight smile.

At our Dartford-based practice, we have extensive experience in Invisalign orthodontic treatments. You can get your perfect smile by wearing a series of clear, removable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth. No brackets and wires, and none of the restrictions that come with metal braces.


Dartford Road Dental Centre has several Invisalign-certified dentists to give you the amazing result you have always longed for – Perfect straight teeth!

What Is Invisalign and What Are Clear Aligners?


Invisalign belongs to a new generation of orthodontics that completely abandons the need for the wire and bracket approach of traditional fixed braces.


We provide you with a series of clear aligners (custom-fitted trays) that sit directly over the teeth. These are ideally worn 20-22 hours per day. Each tray is designed so that it will move your teeth gradually towards the final desired position, giving you the perfect smile you have always dreamed of.


Invisalign trays can be removed when you are eating and drinking. This offers both convenience and the ability to keep your teeth clean and healthy after meals. Fixed metal braces can be more difficult to clean after eating as food can become easily trapped between the brackets and the wire.


How Long Does Invisalign Treatment take?

Your Invisalign Dentist will determine exactly how long your treatment could take based on your specific desires.


The length of treatment also depends on multiple factors, like how complex your case is and how often you wear your aligners.

Invisalign clear aligners can help straighten minor to complex teeth misalignment. The length of treatment on average can take 12 to 18 months. Most people feel a difference wearing Invisalign aligners after three months, and results are usually noticeable after six months.

Visit our website for more information.


Does Invisalign Work?


Invisalign treatment can be a great solution for both adults and teenagers in the Kent region looking for a virtually invisible method to improve their smiles. The short answer to “Does it work?” is YES.


Invisalign is suitable for the following orthodontic issues:


How do I start treatment?


You will initially see one of our Invisalign-certified dentists at our Kent-based practice for an initial consultation. If you are suitable for treatment, a 3D scan of your teeth will then be arranged.

Using our iTero scanner, you can go from imagining your amazing new smile to seeing it on screen.


Your dentist can guide you through the stages of treatment and map out your new smile using the 3D images taken by the iTero Element scanner. From there, you’ll get a custom treatment plan that’s right for you.


Visit for more information about the iTero Invisalign scan.


Patient reviews


At the end of treatment, our Dartford Road patients feel they have a more attractive smile, feel more confident in themselves, and are happier to reveal their straight teeth when they smile than they were when they had crooked teeth.



“Very good kind and reassuring staff. Very nice and friendly receptionist. Thank you to Dr Zainab Naseer for reassuring a very nervous patient and doing a great job.”

– Karen Joy


“I would like to thank Dr Tosin Ogidan and the entire team at Dartford Road Dental Centre, for the excellent service and care I have received. I was quite apprehensive as I hadn’t been to a dentist for some time! However, I was made to feel entirely comfortable throughout, from the friendly and welcoming team at reception all the way through to the highly professional care I was given by Dr Ogidan. I am very pleased with the result and will be keeping up to date with my regular dental reviews with Dartford Road Dental care from now on.”

Oluwadamilola Oyekan


“Really helpful Invisalign consultation with Dr Mani Rai. He went through all the options for treatment and payment plans.”

– Manvir Neta


Visit to see more of our patients’ honest reviews.

Is treatment affordable?


At Dartford Road Dental Centre we believe quality dental treatment should be affordable to all our patients, therefore we can offer Interest-free finance for up to 18 months and 9.9% finance for up to 3 years.


For more information regarding our finance options, please follow this link;


How do I book?


Booking has never been easier, simply fill out a form online and select a convenient time that suits you from our diary via our online booking


Over 12 million people, including more than 2 million teens have used Invisalign clear aligners to transform their smiles. Start your new smile journey by picking up the phone and calling our team on 01322 223 927


Each patient is different and a thorough examination must be carried out before starting treatment. It is also necessary to treat any other problems, such as gum disease before any dental treatment starts. We have an amazing team of Hygienists at our practice to cater to your oral hygiene needs.


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