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1st March 2024

Denplan Membership: All you need to know

At Dartford Road Dental Centre, we strongly advocate signing up for one of our fantastic Denplan Membership options.

Benefits of Denplan Membership

A Denplan Membership allows patients to spread the cost of Private Dentistry, without worrying about large unexpected treatment costs.  It allows patients to budget for their Dental care and has additional benefits such as those listed below.

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Our team will answer any questions you have, in relation to the available plans and can save you time during the application process by initiating the application online, while you are here and sending you a link via email, to complete from the comfort of home or work.

I don’t think I can afford a Denplan Membership…

Our plans start from as little as £10.75 per month, this plan covers 1 Check up and 1 Hygienist visit per year AND entitles you to the 10% discount on necessary restorative treatments. This low cost plan, is a fantastic way to make Private Dentistry affordable for our patients and helps them to avoid the often long waiting lists at NHS practices.

Which Denplan Membership should I join?

Our Clinicians will be able to advise you which of our Denplan Membership options will be most suited to your dental needs, this is based on an assessment carried out at your routine check up appointment and allows us to ensure that you are getting the best value for money from your plan.

What is Denplan Essentials Membership?

Denplan Essentials is an easy to set up maintenance plan; you pay a set monthly fee that covers a set number of preventative treatments. Denplan Essentials saves our patients up to £24 per year!

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What is included with Denplan Essentials

What is not included with Denplan Essentials?


If you would like to cover all your routine preventative Dental needs, then this is the plan for you.

What is Denplan Care?

Denplan Care is a comprehensive Dental Plan covering preventative and restorative Oral Healthcare treatments. What you pay each month depends on your Oral Health, ensuring that you only pay for what you need.  This plan helps you budget for routine and restorative oral health care needs, avoiding unexpected treatment costs.

Denplan, Dental treatmentWhat is included with Denplan Care

What is not included with Denplan Care?

If you would like to cover your routine and restorative Dental needs, then this is the plan for you.

Dental Health and General Health

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Research has shown that there is a link between our Oral Health and our General Health, therefore prioritising regular Dental Check ups and Hygiene appointments, while on one of our Denplan Membership, you are not only caring for your teeth and gums but subsequently contributing to your overall general health.

For more information on the link between Gum Disease and Heart Health, please click this link:


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Knowing that you are covered for preventative Dental Care, is a great motivator for patients maintaining their Oral Health at home.   Our experienced, supportive team of Hygienists will create a plan for you to follow at home, as a result we can work together to maintain and improve your gum health, between your regular appointments



How Much Do I have to Pay?

Our fees (as of April 2024) are listed below

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Essentials Monthly fees (Adults):

Band A: £10.85 – This covers  1 check up and 1 Hygienist visit per year

Band B: £21.85 – This covers 2 check ups and up to 2 Hygienist visits per year

Band C: £32.85 – This covers 2 check ups and up to 4 Hygienist visits per year

Denplan Care Monthly Fees (Adults):

Band A: £24.32

Band B: £32.62

Band C: £40.92

Band D: £52.29

Band E: £59.11

A long term relationship with our team

Another fantastic benefit of being a Denplan member, is that it encourages our patients to visit us regularly; consequently helping them  foster long term relationships with our Clinicians and team, which is lovely, especially if you have been a a particularly nervous patient in the past.

What do I do next?

To find out more or to join one of our plans, give our amazing team 01322 223 927 or email, or if you prefer you can speak to your Dentist or Hygienist at your next appointment.    For more information about our Denplan options, please visit




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