Caring for the dental health of the Dartford area and beyond!


General Treatment Charges
New patient examination with 2 X-rays
New patient examination including 2 X-rays and hygiene treatment
Full oral health examinations
X-rays each
Hygiene treatment (Scale and Polish)
Amalgam Fillings – Silver
From £59
Glass Ionomer Cement – White Fluoride Filling
From £59
Cosmetic white fillings on front teeth
From £69
Cosmetic white fillings on back teeth
From £103
Plastic Coating (fissure sealant)
From £43
Extractions/Tooth Removal
From £70
Re-cement Crown/Cap
Temporary Crown
From £91
Re-cementing Bridge
From £63
Re-cement Adhesive bridge
From £95
Root Treatment includes the cost of x-rays
From £342
Both full upper and lower plastic denture
From £950
Full upper only or full lower only
From £600
Metal chrome cobalt dentures upper or lower
From £900
Partial upper or lower denture
From £520
From £43
Crowns – Cosmetic Caps
Tooth coloured metal free crowns
Tooth Coloured Porcelain bonded crown
From £508
Full Gold Crown
From £544
Porcelain Veneer
From £494
Tooth whitening (upper and lower)
from £250
Individual tooth whitening
from £97
Bridges – Cosmetic
Tooth coloured metal free bridge (per tooth)
Tooth coloured porcelain bonded bridge (per tooth)
From £501
Adhesive Bridge (per unit)
From £454
Tooth Whitening (upper and lower)
From £250
Emergencies/Casuals Extractions, open drainage, lancing abscesses
From £121
Child Fees
New Patient Exam
Existing Patient Exam
Scale and Polish
From £43
Fissure Sealants (Protective coating)
Per tooth
All molars
Baby Teeth
Adult Teeth
Dental Implants
Implant with crown

Facial Rejuvenation Price List

Botulinum Toxin
1 Vial
From £195
2 Vials
From £295
Results will last 3-4 months
Dermal Fillers
Lips upper only
From £285
Lips lower only
From £285
Upper and Lower Lips
From £500
Nose to Mouth Lines (charges per side)
From £285
Results will last between 6 and 12 months