12th June 2019


Father’s Day and Men’s Health Month are both in June this year, where we give extra time to help the Dad we know and love to remember to care for themselves, as much as they care for their loved ones.

What is Men’s Health Month?

Men’s Health Month, is celebrated across the country to raise awareness about health care for men and focus on encouraging boys, men and their families to practice healthy living decisions, such as exercising and eating healthy.

Our team at Dartford Road Dental Centre, hope to make your search easier this year!

So, the common question…what can I get Dad for Father’s Day?

How about the gift of good health? – By encouraging fathers in your life, to get an annual wellness check-up at their local health centre and regular dental examinations at Dartford Road Dental Centre.

  1. Talk to your dad about his oral health
  2. Schedule a dental check-up together at Dartford – Dad will more likely go, if he has someone to go with!
  3. You want him around for the long haul and good health includes a healthy mouth! So, encourage your dad to take care of himself.
  4. As well as a dental examination, an oral cancer screening is carried out. This will allow any issues to be detected early and addressed before they progress.

Finally, schedule tooth whitening treatment for him at Dartford, in time for Father’s Day!

Why tooth whitening?

Ageing affects us all differently. One of the ways age can change a person’s appearance is with dull, discoloured teeth. Even if your dad doesn’t smoke, or drink coffee and red wine, his teeth can still give away his age, by how they’ve discoloured slowly over time.

  1. Tooth whitening treatment can make his smile look young and healthy
  2. He’ll look years younger!
  3. He’ll get an oral examination – to ensure his mouth is healthy, before his tooth whitening treatment begins

You will never be able to repay your dad for everything he’s done for you, but you can give him a brighter and healthier looking smile.

Please contact our Dartford Centre, at DA1 on 01322 223927 for more information.


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