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Keeping Cool In The Heat - 29th July 2019 by 4drdc-logins

In the scorching sun, it’s easy to grab the closest, coldest drink you can find, but do you know how much sugar is in your favourite drink…?


At Dartford Road Dental Centre, our team of Dentists and Hygienists pride themselves on educating the  people of Dartford on how to keep their teeth healthy in between their regular Dental visits at our Dartford based Dental Centre, this means ensuring that they know how to avoid constant sugar attacks on their teeth, by remembering the ‘sugar clock’.

Each time we have something containing sugar, the sugar combines with the plaque bacteria, creating an acid which attacks our teeth for an hour – every time!

So when we are regularly snacking on sugary foods and drinking sugary drinks in between our regular 3 meals a day, our teeth are frequently under attack.


We can limit the amount of acid in our mouths by:

  • Chewing sugar free gum after meals
  • Limiting sugary snacks to meal times only
  • Choosing sugar-free or ‘no added sugar’ snacks/drinks


Source: NHS

Visit for some great ideas on some alternatives to your go-to sugary snacks/drinks, to help keep your child’s teeth healthy during the summer holidays and beyond!

Our team of Hygienists (Nicola Walker – Link) and (Catherine Edney – Link) will help you to maintain a clean and healthy mouth at home and our resident Oral Health Educator is always on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding keeping your food choices healthy to help prevent tooth decay.

Don’t forget to book yourself and your family in for a check up during the summer holidays, we are fully air conditioned!