Summer Is Here, Why It May Affect My Oral Hygiene Routine

22nd June 2022

Long summer days and rushed summer mornings!

Many of our Dartford Road Dental Centres patient’s morning routines are ‘wake up, shower, breakfast, clean their teeth and then go to work’.

Our Kent based practice know that whilst some people are quite organised, others are likely to be rushing to get to work on time in the morning.

Sometimes the morning brush gets rushed as it is thought less important than bedtime brushing.

The reality is, both morning and evening brushing are equally both important as bacteria will also have built up during the night and formed a fine film over our teeth and on the gums.

These bacteria are potentially harmful and can lead to gum disease and even tooth decay if not thoroughly cleaned each morning.

Oral Hygiene tips

The average life of a manual toothbrush or electric brush head is around three or four months.

Check that your toothpaste contains fluoride. This is an important ingredient as it helps to strengthen the enamel which protects our teeth.

Use dental floss or interdental brushes daily alongside brushing. Both gum disease and tooth decay often starts in the area between the teeth that your brush won’t reach.

Watch what you drink

The warmer weather can see a change in our drinking habits. We might be tempted to drink more sugary alcoholic beverages when we are outdoors in the fine Dartford sunshine because it is warm. Also more fizzy and soft drinks too when we are feeling parched.

Soft drinks and certain alcoholic drinks often contain very high levels of sugar as well as being acidic; a real threat to the enamel on our teeth.

Plain water is the best option to quench your thirst, or opt for a diet/sugar free soft drink over a full fat or sugary beverage.

Remember your dentist!

However well you look after your teeth this summer, you’ll still need to see a dentist and hygienist at Dartford Road Dental Centre for regular dental care and advice.

Please enjoy the warmer weather in Kent this summer, but also do take this opportunity to improve your chances of having healthy teeth and gums, not just for the warm, sunny months ahead, but for the years to come too!

Maintaining good oral hygiene this summer

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