Teeth Whitening in Dartford, Kent

18th August 2022

Teeth Whitening in Dartford, Kent – Achieve A Brighter, Whiter Smile With Dartford Road Dental Centre’s Professional Teeth Whitening

A noticeably whiter, brighter smile can really boost your confidence and make you want to show it off again. Teeth can lose their natural whiteness over time, but Teeth Whitening in Dartford, Kent offers an easy and safe way to lighten the colour of your teeth in a short amount of time.

Here at Dartford Road Dental Centre in Kent, tooth whitening is one of our most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments available and can transform your smile in a matter of weeks. If you’re feeling embarrassed or self-conscious about your yellowing teeth, whitening may be the simple answer for you.

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Is whitening suitable for everyone?

Tooth whitening may not be suitable for you if you fall within one or more of the following categories:

If you have had previous dental treatments such as fillings, crowns, veneers, implants, bridges, inlays, onlays, it is important to note that the dental material used during these procedures is not affected by the bleaching agent, meaning the material will remain the same colour during whitening. It will only work on your natural teeth.


I’ve heard whitening can permanently damage my teeth, is this true?

Tooth whitening is offered by many non-professionals who are not qualified to carry out dental whitening procedures. There is also a wide range of products that claim they can whiten your teeth which can be bought over the counter at local pharmacies and beauty stores.

The General Dental Council state that tooth whitening is the practice of dentistry and can only safely and legally be offered by registered dental professionals. Therefore, tooth whitening is completely safe as long as it is carried out by a professional dental surgeon.

Some patients experience temporary sensitivity to temperature, pressure, and touch, and sometimes even shooting pains whilst whitening their teeth. This sensitivity usually lasts one or two days and resolves once treatment is complete.

Overfilling the whitening trays can cause excess whitening gel on the gums and this can cause gum irritation. When you visit our dental practice, your dentist will thoroughly explain cosmetic treatments and how to fill the whitening trays thus eliminating this problem.


How does tooth whitening work? teeth whitening kit

The whitening gel contains hydrogen peroxide. The gel when used correctly, gently lifts out the traces of old food, drinks, and tobacco that have become stained in the pores of your tooth enamel. Hydrogen peroxide is a dental safe product that cleans, disinfects, and whitens teeth.

The more you whiten your teeth, the lighter and brighter the result will be. Achieving your desired shade is easily manageable as you are in control of how bright you want your final result. If you want your smile brighter, continue to wear the whitening trays as per your dentists’ instructions.


What is the procedure for Teeth Whitening in Dartford, Kent?

After an initial dental exam to ensure whitening is suitable for you, we take impressions of your teeth in the surgery to make you your bespoke whitening trays. At home, you fill them with our take-home whitening gel and wear them everyday or evening for the recommended time as prescribed by your dentist.

We provide two different strengths of whitening gels at our Dartford-based practice, Phillips Zoom Day White and Nite White. You and your Dentist can decide which would suit your lifestyle the best, either choosing to whiten your teeth in a shorter period throughout the day, or whilst sleeping with the trays over a longer period of time, during the night.

How long until I can expect a dazzling white smile?

Whitening to your desired shade on average takes around 2 weeks but can take up to 3-4 weeks depending on how often you are wearing the trays and how many shades lighter you want your smile to be. For example, a patient that wishes to have a more natural shade may wear the trays for a shorter length of time than a patient that wanted a dazzling white TV star smile.

Extra whitening gels are available to purchase from the practice and whitening can be easily topped up if you wish to brighten up your smile.


teeth whitening in dartford Will my teeth stay white forever?

Teeth whitening results won’t last forever as certain food and drinks such as black coffee and curries can stain the enamel (outer tooth surface) over time. Results from our professional teeth whitening can last anywhere from one to five years.

The best way to sustain your results is to follow a good dental care routine at home. Regular brushing using fluoride toothpaste and flossing to minimise the consumption of staining foods, drinks as well as tobacco.

Tobacco and smoking cause stained teeth, bad breath, and loss of smell and taste: Smoking can singe your sense of smell and taste, while cigarette tar can stain your teeth, discolour your tongue, and lead to halitosis. Smoking also supports bacteria, plaque, and tartar build-up leading to cavities, decay, and even tooth loss.

For support in giving up smoking please visit Quit smoking – NHS (www.nhs.uk)


Patient reviewsteeth whitening in crayford

“I received such an amazing experience from DRDC. Had fillings, whitening, and composite veneers. I have always been scared of dentists but that fear has now gone.

Using a finance plan, Louise supported me through the whole procedure. She kept in contact and was able to work closely with me.

Overall I had the BEST experience with DRDC and will defiantly be a regular now. I would recommend them to all!

Thank you so much to the whole team!”

Ranjit Sandhu


“Going to the dentist is never the most fun experience for anyone. However, I honestly felt like it was the best it could have been. The staff were so friendly. I will definitely be coming back regularly and I am so happy to find this gem of a dentist. I feel it’s so important to go with a reputable and trustworthy practice for something as important as teeth. Thank you so much from a very happy customer :)”

Kimberley Tough


Visit our google reviews to see more of our patients’ honest reviews.



How do I book?

Booking has never been easier, request a teeth whitening consultation by following this link Online Booking (dentalhub.online) and simply filling out your contact details. We are always happy to talk about tooth whitening at your routine dental examination too.

For further information, call our lovely reception team on 01322 223 927 or visit Teeth Whitening | Dentist Dartford | Cosmetic Dentist Crayford (drdc.co.uk)

We hope to see you soon!

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