An aesthetically pleasing repair

We are pleased to offer white composite fillings at Dartford Road Dental Centre. They provide an effective repair for tooth decay or damage, and are a more aesthetically pleasing option than traditional silver amalgam fillings. 

Made from tooth-coloured resin to blend in with your teeth, composite fillings support the structure of your affected tooth, helping to prevent further damage and sensitivity. They can be placed on either the front or back teeth and can be fitted and moulded into more difficult places. 

Composite fillings are now more popular than amalgam and have similar strength qualities, despite being considered a less durable method for filling teeth.

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What happens during treatment?

We first numb the area to be treated with local anaesthetic to minimise any discomfort, before removing the decayed area of your tooth. 

We will then apply the composite in layers, ensuring it is colour-matched to the shade of your natural tooth. Each layer is hardened with a special light and the composite carefully shaped to achieve a functional restoration.


At Dartford Road Dental we believe that quality dental care should be affordable to as many patients as possible. We can split the cost of certain treatments up to five years.

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