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6 Month Smile Before and After - 22nd January 2016 by 4drdc-logins

Six Month Smile

Straight Teeth. Less Time. Clear Braces.

It took less than a year to achieve this result, how long would it take for you?

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Braces are becoming more and more common; in fact some would say it is fashionable to have braces. But some ask, is it worth it? Am I too old to have braces? It’s a long procedure; can’t I just have veneers done?

Here at Crook log we offer 6 month smile – a clear fixed brace for adults.

No drilling, no veneers, no ruining perfectly healthy teeth…

Everyone wants the perfect bright white smile, but how do you go about achieving it?

There are many options but the most non evasive and natural way is braces followed by teeth whitening.

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