Brow Lift Using Botox

11th June 2015

I had always felt that I always look tired, friends and family would always make comments like ‘did you have a late night last night?’ which wasn’t the case.

I even asked the lady who does my eyebrows if she could raise them higher each time but she told me by doing that it would make my eyebrows really thin.

I then heard about ‘The Brow Lift’ using Botox…

At first I was slightly worried that by having the ‘brow – lift’ it would change my shape of eyebrow but after booking a consultation with Dr Khan he assured me that all it does is raise the eyebrow giving a more ‘fresh’ look.

He explained what Botox is, how it works and took some ‘before’ photos 

I booked in to have the treatment done a few days after my consultation; I’ve never had a problem with needles or injections however the thought of one near my eye made me slightly nervous.

It seems I was nervous for no reason, Dr Khan fully explained what would happen.

He drew his injection points around my eyebrows and tried to show me how it would look once the Botox had kicked in. I didn’t even feel the injection if I’m honest, I would say having my eyebrows threaded is more painful!

He explained the after care, said I may get redness, bruising and raised skin from where it has been pierced.

It was slightly raised but that went down after a few hours.

Dr Khan had told me I won’t see full effects until about 2 weeks but should see improvements after 3 days. He also told me I would need a review appointment in 2 weeks to see if I was happy or if it needed more.

Within the first week it felt really strange, but I could see that it was working.

My eyebrow lady noticed it; even my sister asked what I had done with my eyebrows as they look really nice.

It was subtle enough that if you didn’t know me you would never know. But those who are close just thought I had done something new with my eyebrows.

At my review appointment Dr Khan took ‘after’ pictures and I told him how pleased I was with the treatment!!

Thank you Dr Khan!

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