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Tax on sugary drinks… we support Jamie Oliver’s petition. Do you? - 8th September 2015 by 4drdc-logins

We’re supporting Jamie Oliver… are you?

2 weeks ago we shared our thoughts on Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Rush programme,

As he continues to spread the news worldwide and starts a petition on

‘Introducing a tax on sugary drinks in the UK to improve our children’s health’ which has had over 120k signatures already!

As dental professionals we are showing our support by signing and sharing this.

4 days ago on his public instagram account with over 3million followers, he uploaded 4 photos and his motivating captions under every photo that we thought we would share with you – he highlights dental decay, the cause and statistics.


aj15xLast night my documentary Sugar Rush aired in the UK… The petition we launched is growing but we need more to get the government to listen. Pulling out kids teeth cost the NHS around £30 million a year!! 26,000 primary school aged kids were admitted to hospital last year because of tooth decay caused by SUGAR!! This is why we need to make this change. It’s hard hitting but its reality…. If you haven’t already hit the link in my profile to sign the petition to take action…! Jamie #SugarRush #NHS #petition #DavidCameron




aj13xGuys this is the reality in the UK of what I’m talking about! This is real and happening and it’s all because of too much sugar. A sugar tax isn’t the only solution but it’s a catalyst for change. We have to start somewhere and I really believe a tax on sugary drinks is the right thing if you agree please sign the petition link in my profile. Signing off for the night now thanks for the love and support JO xx #sugarrush




aj14xGuys if you are in the UK my documentary #SugarRush will be on Channel 4 at 9pm TONIGHT! My team and I started looking into sugar consumption and what we found led me to film this documentary that shows just how devastating the effects of consuming too much sugar can be. I have witnessed enough to give me a solid determination that we have to TAKE ACTION… and I need your help!! Get watching and sign the petition to take action and share too #jamieoliver #SugarRush.




aj12#So we are just short of reaching 100,000 signatures on the government petition for a Sugary drinks Tax.. Let me explain some basic principles as you guys are talking about all  sorts of stuff.. So first of all of course a proper robust obesity strategy is the only thing that will shift the dial on the health of our kids and the NHS but my view is that the sugary drinks tax is helpful for a few reasons; A 20% tax is just 7p on a regular size can of sugary drink that will lower consumption that raise around £1 billion that we would ring fence just for preventative strategies and education in the NHS and primary schools. Lots of people have asked me why just these drinks?? Why not all sugar? we could tax all sugar may be down the road we could, but these drinks are the SINGLE LARGEST source of Sugar in our kids diets right now so its an achievable target . This believe it or not guys is a tax for Good!! We can ring fence money to protect where it is spent. I work for you not any government this is why i do these challenging projects- it’s for all kids futures. I’m working alongside the worlds best experts and on my website you will find a 5 point sugar manifesto which I’ve given to the government. It covers many issues you guys are also talking about including advertising etc… Help me get to 100k signatures – link in my bio and then the government will have to listen. Big love JOXX


After reading this, will you sign his petition too?